Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd will successfully implement all of your solar energy projects

Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd notes constant increase in popularity of “green” energy generation, using solar energy.  Such increase is caused due to more affordable prices for the components of solar power plants, and due to increased conscious and understanding of value of clean energy for preserving the environment.

According to the statistics observed by Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd. the success of solar power plants is also caused due to high quality of modern photovoltaic modules from all world-known manufacturers, and their dramatic increase in service life, now reaching up to 30 years.  The low degradation level of the solar panels output even after first 10 years of operation is another positive parameter for the consumers.

Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd also highly appreciates the efficiency and high quality of the modern inverters and transformers designed specifically for the use in power generation plants, and most world-known manufacturers have proven the reliability and faultless operation in various climatic zones, from Asia to European continent and Americas.  Oil-free transformers have proven their high efficiency and reliability in solar power plants operated in hot climate conditions.

Existing problem of zero- or low-power generation in evening or night time can be easily solved by building additional compensational arrays of accumulator batteries or other hydro-accumulating systems.  With added compensational arrays the consumers can be sure to receive the necessary electricity 24 hours a day, without interruptions.

According to estimation of Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd, in recent 10-15 years there is a dramatic confidence increase of the final consumers and customers building solar power plants with power output between 3 and 15 MW, especially those being operated in Europe and Asia.

Based on its own experience, Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd considers application of rotating dual-axis tracking systems, economically reasonable and profitable.  Such systems provide 11-13% increase in power generation, without changing other equipment of the power plant, by more accurate and correct orientation of the solar panels towards the sun, during its move across the sky.

Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd highly values the trust of its customers and always tries to implement all their wishes and desires in the construction projects with most effective approach, within shortest possible time frames.  Previous positive experience of constructing solar power plants is the best advertisement and promotion of the company.

Having long-lasting experience on integration of the equipment from various world-known manufactures, allows the company to offer optimal and most effective solutions, and construct modern and reliable solar power plants for its customers.  Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd always keeps track of all the news in the market, and uses only modern and up-to-date equipment and technologies.

In construction of solar power plants for its customers Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd always uses the equipment and components only from the best and well-known manufacturers, thus achieving maximum reliability and highest quality of the power plants.

Successfully implemented projects and many operating solar power plants serve as the business card of the company Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd, and always attract attention of the potential new customers and clients!  Main goals of the company Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd are high efficiency, and reliability of its power plants, and full satisfaction of its customers.

Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd is looking forward to any difficult projects and will use all its potential and experience for implementing even the most unusual projects.

Let’s save our wonderful planet together using the infinite and powerful energy of the sun!

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